Wheelchairs for physically-challenged and seniors are available.
Wheelchair-accessible toilets are available.

Reservation & Payment methods

When do I have to pay for my reservation?
If you book a plan via our home page (best rate) you have to pay when you do the booking and the only payment method accepted is credit card.
What are the accepted payment methods?
We accept cash and major credit cards such as VISA, JCB, AMEX, MasterCard, China UnionPay ,NICOS, UFJ etc.
Are there rooms for single occupancy available?
Please be informed that all our guest rooms are designed for double occupancy and more.
What is included in the room rate?
If you book a plan using our home page (best rate) the expressed rates for each plan are for 1 person/1 night and usually include the room, the meal plan (dinner & breakfast or only breakfast) and the access to our large public baths where guests can also enjoy Arima’s famous Kinsen-Gold color hot spring baths.
For the day trip plans, the rates include only the dinner and the access to our large public baths.
Rates may vary depending on the number of guests, time of year, type of a guest room and/or choice of meal.

Rooms & meal plan

What kind of rooms do you have? Are all guest rooms furnished with a bath?
Hyoe Koyokaku is a ryokan(Japanese inn)with 129 rooms. We invite our guests to relax in the comfort of the Washitsu-Japanese style room with tatami floor, low table and futon bedding. All rooms have a seating area and a private bath. Some guest rooms are furnished with an open-air bath.

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What are the features of each building ( West, South and North Building)?
West building was built in 1981 and the rates for it are standard rates. Next is south building (built in 1967 and renovated in 1996) and then is north building (built in 1990).
Guest rooms are located from 4th to 8th floor in south building, from 11th to 15th floor in west building and from 12th to 15th floor in north building.
Please explain about dinner and breakfast.


●Kaiseki- Japanese multi course dinner served in the comfort and carefree ambience of your guest room.
●Kaiseki-Japanese multi course dinner served at restaurant.
●Sumibiyaki Kaiskei- Charcol grill kaiseki multi course dinner served in the comfort of a private room at our Japanese style restaurant Ajisai. The main dish will be a plate of meat and vegetables that you will grill at your table on the top of the charcoal grill net
●Buffet style dinner served at restaurant


Depending on the chosen plan our guests will enjoy a Japanese style breakfast served in the comfort of their guest room or a buffet style breakfast with Japanese and continental dishes served at the restaurant.

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If I have dietary restriction and/or food allergies can you customize your menu?
We’ll try our best to accommodate your request. Please let us know at the time of reservation about your dietary restrictions and/or food allergies.
We're planning to stay with our baby. Then, hot water is necessary when we give the milk to our baby. Is there Electric kettle in the guest room?
All guest rooms are equipped with an electric kettle or a thermos pot. We will bring some hot water at appropriate temperature when you let us know you need some water for baby formula. Please contact the front desk or room service. If you have any question or request concerning infants or children, please feel free to contact us.
I’m going to stay 2 nights at North Building. I’d like to have dinner at our room for the first night and at a restaurant for the second night. Is it possible?
We’ll try our best to accommodate your request. Please send us your requests/questions about stay plans or day trip plans at yoyaku@hyoe.co.jp and we will answer you as soon as possible.

Relaxation, Large public baths & Hot spring baths (Onsen)

Can I wear a swimsuit when I go to the large public baths or hot spring baths?
No, you can’t wear a swimsuit when you go to the large public baths and hot spring baths. Bathing naked together with the others is part of the Japanese onsen-hot spring culture. There are separated baths for men and women. Relax and enjoy Japanese onsen-hot spring.

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Tell me about your bath facilities.
We invite our guests to relax at our large public baths where they can also try and enjoy Arima’s famous Kinsen-Gold color hot spring.
We have three large public baths “Ichi-no-Yu”, “Ni-no-Yu”, “San-no-Yu”, two private open-air hot spring baths (Kinsen).
*Private open-air hot spring bath are available for rent (fee applies).

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* Ichi-no-Yu an Ni-no-Yu are used alternatively by men and women (changing on a daily basis).
Is private hot spring bath available for a day-tripper?
No, private open-air hot spring bath cannot be reserved by guests who booked a day-trip plan.
Is hot spring bath healthy for expectant mothers?
Dark red color hot spring water boosts blood circulation very well. Vigorous blood circulation on mothers is sometimes a little too harsh for babies. We recommend for expectant mothers a quick bath at low temperatures. The bottom of the bath may be difficult to see due to the red color of hot spring water at times, so please do not take a bath unattended by someone else.
Do you accept guests who are tattooed just for fashion?
We may not accept any tattooed guests regardless of their occupation.
Are there any other places beside“Hana” where I can get a massage?
Yes, beside “Hana” on site you can relax at “Le Ciel” (reservation is required) or upon request, professional masseurs from Arima Onsen can offer you in-room massage.
Please contact us for more information and reservation.
Do you have barrier-free facilities?
Yes, we have barrier-free facilities that are wheelchair accessible. Please be informed that some part of our slopes may be a little steep for wheelchairs.

Access & Check in

What time begins the check-in? What time is the check-out?
Check-in/ Check-out time varies depending on the plan you booked.
Stay plan: Check-in: from 14:30 to 19:00 Check-out: until 11:00 Bed & Breakfast plan: Check-in: from 15:30 to 22:00 Check-out:until 10:00
Day trip plan: Check-in: from16:00 Check-out:21:00
* If you booked a plan with dinner included please check-in before 19:00. Otherwise we will not be able to serve you the dinner.
Is a parking lot available?
Free parking maximum 120 cars is provided over several places. For more information, please contact us.
Can we check-in our car before check-in time?
Your baggage can be stored at our cloak and your car can be parked at our parking lot earlier than check-in time. Please check-in at the front desk after you park your car in our parking lot. Take time to enjoy strolling around our neighborhood.Please consult the concierge in case of no vacancy of parking lot.
Do you have a shuttle bus service? Do I have to make a reservation? Is a road map around Arima Onsen Station available?
We offer a free pick up service from Arima Onsen Station (train, bus, ropeway station). You don’t have to make a reservation but please call us at 078-904-0501 after you arrived at the station.

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Do you take measures to prevent COVID-19?

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for more information.
We’d like to view the night scene from Mt. Rokko. Is the reservation required? How long will it take for a round trip? Is there timetable for departure? Can I get more information about night view?
Please let us know your desired time. We will arrange night viewing drive. It may take about 30 minutes for a round trip. Including the time to enjoy night view, it may take one hour and half. Please be ready to pay around 11,000 yen.Taxi fare may vary depending on traffic condition. However the taxi fare will be raised by 20 % after 23:00. Moreover it may be harder to hire a taxi when it gets late. There are 2 scenic points to see night view. Please ask the driver for more detailed information. If you are concerned about the weather, please contact the front desk. We will check the weather information for you.
When and where can I see fireflies?
Mid May to Mid June. Arima River and Tsuzumigataki Park are nice spots to see fireflies. For more information, please contact the front desk. We can show the spots on the map.
Can you accommodate special occasions such as a birthday party?
We accommodate various plans to suit guests’ request. We can prepare special food, cake, bouquet for the occasion. (Fee applicable) Please let us know if you have some special request.
Can I use Wi-Fi at your ryokan?
Yes, you can use Wi-Fi free of charge (Free Wi-Fi Spot) in your guest room and at the 1st floor lobby and 9th floor lobby seating area.