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  • Arima onsen

Arima Onsen - Nearby Attractions

One of Japan's oldest hot spring

Arima Onsen is known as one of the three oldest and three best hot springs of Japan. The Golden Spring has a distinct reddish brown color as if iron rust has dissolved into the water.
The hot spring itself has been loved by many people since ancient times. In "Nihon-Shoki" is mentions a record about the Emperor Jomei and Emperor Kotoku staying at Arima Onsen in the seventh century.

  • Nene Bridge

    Nene Bridge

    The statue of Nene stands by the bridge, facing a statue of her husband Toyotomi Hideyoshi on the other side of the road.

    2-minute walk from hotel

  • Kin-no Yu

    Kin-no Yu

    Being the birthplace of Arima Onsen, the Kinsen-Golden Spring, can be enjoyed here.

    6-minute walk from hotel

  • Gosho Sengen

    Gosho Sengen

    The hot spring source of the Golden Spring is found through a narrow alleyway going from the old-fashioned town to the temple town.

    10-minute walk from hotel

  • Tenjin Sengen

    Tenjin Sengen

    The hot spring source on the grounds of the shrine of the god of academics, Tenjin. This is one of the main hot spring sources of Arima.

    10-minute walk from hotel

  • Mt. Rokko/Mt. Maya

Mt. Rokko/Mt. Maya

Kobe Symbol "Mt. Rokko/Mt. Maya"

As a mountain leisure spot is being loved by people from all generations.
Mt. Maya has been selected as one of Japan's three greatest night views with its top class panoramic view.

  • Rokko/Arima Ropeway

    Rokko/Arima Ropeway

    Go above Mt.Rokko from Arima in a single bound.
    This is a sightseeing route going between the summit of Mt. Rokko and Arima.

  • Rokko Cable

    Rokko Cable

    As the entrance to Mt. Rokko, it can take you 1.7km from Rokko cable Sita station to Rokko Sanjo station in only 10 minutes.

  • Rokko Snow Park

    Rokko Snow Park

    There is West Japan's largest snow slope "Snow Land" and also a popular ski slope great for beginners (only in winter).

  • Rokkosan Farm

    Rokkosan Farm

    This is the perfect place to enjoy the nature and play with different animals. Perfect for families and couples.

  • Kobe/Himeji


Nature, gourmet cuisine, shopping, night views The city is filled with charms.

Kobe has a port, the natural scenery of Mt. Rokko, night views, sweets and gourmet cuisine, fashion, jazz and many other charming tourist attractions.
There is one of the largest outlets in West Japan that will be perfect for your shopping trips.
In Himeji, the second most populated city in the prefecture, we have the World Heritage Site, Himeji Castle.

  • Kitano Ijinkan

    Kitano Ijinkan

    In the middle of Kobe, 10 to 15-minute walk stretching from Sannomiya to Motomachi is a section of the city with mixed architecture of Eastern and Western origins.

    50-minute by train from hotel

  • Kobe Nankin-machi

    Kobe Nankin-machi

    Counted as one of the three greatest Chinatowns in Japan, there are over 100 shops here.

    40-minute by train from hotel

  • Kobe/Sanda Premium Outlet

    Kobe/Sanda Premium Outlet

    About 180 domestic and international brands are available here at this shopping mall.

    30-minute by train from hotel

  • Himeji Castle

    Himeji Castle

    Himeji Castle is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is considered to be a world-renowned castle.

    70-minute by train from hotel

  • Osaka


The largest city in West Japan with a distinct culture.

Osaka is the largest city in West Japan and also has many tourist attractions including Universal Studios Japan.
Takoyaki, kushikatsu and many other Osaka gourmet cuisines can be enjoyed here.
Only 70 minutes from Arima Onsen, this is a convenient place for sightseeing.

Approx. 1 hour by train/bus from the hotel to Osaka

  • Kyoto


A popular tourist destination among foreign visitors for its many temples and shrines.

In 2015 Kyoto was ranked No. 1 in the world as the best city.
Prospering as the center of Japan since ancient times, there are many historical structures and World Heritage Sites like Nijo Castle and Kiyomizu Temple.
Countless domestic and international visitors enjoy this beautiful city.

Approx. 2 hours by train or 1 hour and 30 minutes by car from the hotel to Kyoto.

Kobe Welcome Coupon

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